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Texture And Hair Health: What's The Weather Got To Do With It?

3 min read  |  May 24, 2022
Boldify Blog Post - Texture and hair health what's the weather got to do with it

Have you noticed differences in your hair that seem to wax and wane with the seasons? 

It’s not just your imagination! 

While changes in texture and appearance happen throughout the years with different stages of life, the weather is a likely culprit when it comes to semi-annual differences. Sun, heat, humidity, snow and wind can create massive changes to hair strands and the scalp underneath - which is why being aware of such changes and updating your care and styling routine accordingly is a vital part of year-round hair health and vitality.

Read on for season-specific tips on what changes to be on the lookout for, and tricks for counteracting the weather’s effects - to make certain you’re rocking your best, boldest style all year long! 


It’s natural to spend more time outside in the summer, enjoying the warmth and sun. But keep in mind that the UV rays from sunlight and exposure to salt and pool water strip your locks of hydration, and heightened humidity levels can cause strands to become frazzled in the frizziest of ways. While the warmth may feel great on your skin, it also increases the likelihood of sweating and the rate at which your scalp produces sebum (oil). 

Depending on your hair type and texture, all of this can cause a wide array of changes...a dry, straw-like feel, uncontrollable frizz, or an ever-present greasy look and feel. Changing up your routine to include more or less washes as necessary can help to control dryness or oiliness, while changing out your fave winter styling products for more summer-appropriate options will help keep your hair on an even keel throughout the warmer months. 


It’s common to think that winter is a walk in the park for hair in comparison to the warmer months -  but, that’s a huge misconception. Extreme cold and severely dry air can be every bit as damaging as excessive heat and high humidity; add whipping winter winds to the mix, and - without intervention - you’ve got a staticky, dry, tangled mess.

In the summer, inside time is generally a reprieve from the hair dangers of the great outdoors...air conditioning helps to ensure optimal conditions for happy, healthy hair. However, in the winter, the issue isn’t solely with outdoor activities; popular heating options like wood stoves and pellet stoves may heat homes effectively and efficiently, but they also produce extremely dry air - which wreaks practically inescapable havoc on hair. Be sure to pay special attention to your scalp throughout the cold months, as scalp health really is where hair health begins; also, be sure to use care and styling products that aid your hair in staying properly hydrated as to avoid sliding into spring with strung out, dangerously fragile locks. 


A stark comparison to the extremes of summer and winter, spring and fall generally provide the conditions that are best for your hair to shine its brightest. While there are moisture changes and temperature disparities to adjust to, spring and fall are pretty much the times of year that your hair is free to do it’s own thing - so take advantage of it!

During these times, make sure that you’re regularly evaluating your hair’s condition; if you are quick to notice changes and correct any arising issues in kind, you’re far more likely to have a healthy mane to head into the traditionally tougher seasons with, which is more important than you might think; when all is said and done, where you start has a huge impact on where you end up! 

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