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Winter Hair Tips: How to Keep Your Hair Soft and Healthy in Winter

4 min read  |  September 07, 2023
Winter Hair Tips: How to Keep Your Hair Soft and Healthy in Winter

Winter is here, bringing with it cold temps that  can really do a number on your hair.

A few seasonal shifts in your hair care routine will help combat winter damage and keep your mane in tip-top shape all season long. 

We’ve put together our favorite tips for nourished, healthy and glowing winter hair.

Protect Your Hair From the Cold

Exposure to extreme temperatures can quickly zap the moisture from your strands, leaving them dry and dull. The best way to prevent damage is to proactively defend your strands from cold weather.

On chilly days, wrap your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet, then tuck it away under your favorite cosy hat. Silk reduces breakage and keeps the hat’s fibres from rubbing against your hair cuticles. Translation: no more hat hair!

Seal in Moisture

No matter your hair type, leave-in conditioner is a non-negotiable during the colder months. A good leave-in product seals your cuticles to prevent moisture loss, keeping your mane strong and shiny. 

We love using our Hair Thickening Serum to weightlessly nourish and hydrate our hair. No buildup, no heavy residue… just touchably soft volume! Use it after washing, before heat styling, and any time your hair needs a little extra care.

BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Serum

Shampoo Less Frequently

Many people find that their hair gets less oily during the wintertime. If that’s you, try adding an extra day or two between washes. Over-washing can strip away your hair’s natural oils and dehydrate your scalp. 

When you do lather up, pick nourishing products that restore hydration without making your hair greasy. Our beloved Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner are packed with Biotin to prevent winter damage and improve hair health. They leave your locks feeling full, swishy and oh-so-soft!


Avoid Going Out With Wet Hair

Science has shown that going outside with wet hair will not make you sick… but you still shouldn’t do it. Here’s why: wet hair freezes in subzero temps. This causes the hair shaft to expand and the protective cuticle layer to lift, leading to increased breakage. 

It’s better to plan your shampoo sesh for a time when you’ll be at home for a few hours and can let your mane air-dry. In a hurry? No worries! Apply Hair Thickening Serum for heat protection and blow-dry your hair before running out the door.

Mask Up

A weekly deep conditioning treatment is a MUST in winter! You can purchase a packaged mask at your favorite shop, or raid your kitchen to make one of these fun homemade hair masks. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes (did someone say “spa night”?) and wash out with shampoo.

For extremely parched hair, apply coconut oil from roots to tips before bedtime. Place a towel on your pillow, let the oil absorb into your hair overnight, then shampoo your hair in the morning.

Explore Heatless Styles

Since winter hair is more vulnerable to styling damage, it’s a good idea to lay off the heat tools for a few months. Take advantage of the shorter days to get creative with DIY hairstyles. Braids, buns, twists, knots… there are so many lovely heat-free options to create! Protective styles like braids also help keep your hair safe from the elements.

Comb With Care

Static is one of our most dreaded winter hair woes! An easy way to reduce flyaways is to upgrade from plastic to wooden combs and brushes. Don’t forget to swap out your hair accessories too! We love using wooden clips, barrettes and hair chopsticks during wintertime.

Take Your Vitamins

Fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables are less abundant in winter, making it harder to get all the nutrients we need for healthy hair. BOLDIFY Hair Gummies can help fill in some of those gaps. Just two strawberry Gummies a day is all it takes to support longer, stronger, shinier strands!

BOLDIFY Hair Gummies

Banish the Bleach

Who doesn’t love rocking beachy-blonde hair in the summer? But when winter rolls around, it’s time to go natural or embrace deeper, richer shades. Think dark red, chestnut, espresso or warm copper with brown undertones. Bleach is notoriously hard on hair, especially if you’re going from dark to platinum blonde.

A hair dye or glaze that’s close to your natural shade is much gentler on delicate winter strands. Talk to your colorist about working with your natural hair color to minimise damage and grow-out lines.

Hydrate Your Scalp

Don’t let a dry scalp give you the winter blues! Our Hair Boost Serum keeps your scalp balanced and hydrated with pure argan, coconut and avocado oils. It leaves your hair soft and manageable without weighing it down. Massage the Serum into your roots at bedtime for healthier, thicker looking locks.


Use a Humidifier

During the winter, most of us are spending extra time indoors where the air tends to be bone-dry. This is bad news for your hair, as a dry environment pulls moisture from your strands.

Sleeping with a humidifier helps to combat this dryness and maintain healthy humidity levels in your home. Your hair will feel softer and smoother when you wake up in the morning. Bonus– it’s great for your skin too!


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