About Us

You are your hair. Not literally, of course. But when you look in the mirror, one of the first things you notice is how your hair looks.
It doesn't matter if you wear it short or long, up or down, styled or messy - when your hair looks good? Well, that's a tough feeling to beat. The world seems a little brighter, life just a little bit easier, and your imprint on the world around you a little bolder. Everything you want is within reach…

...until it's not. Those great hair days start to show up fewer and farther between. Life moves on, and so does your hair. It starts to thin out, become more difficult to style. All of a sudden you don't recognize the person in the mirror. No matter how well adjusted you are about aging, you have to admit that bold feeling starts to fade.

You weren't made to fade with your hair. And while there is surely more to a great life than having great hair, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to have great hair whenever and wherever you want.

Thick, voluminous hair. Styled your way. Using products made with you in mind.

That is what you deserve - and why we started Boldify. We dealt with the same problems - and we got tired of them, tired of feeling like we couldn’t live boldly anymore.

We tried everything under the sun to solve it, but there wasn’t anything that we felt like was made with the gentle, safe formulations necessary to really help thinning hair. So we set off on the journey to make it ourselves, and to help others...live life BOLDLY!.

...live life BOLDLY.